[erin-on-air] hi everyone! we'll be starting momentarily...
[melissa] bonjour jan, clayton and pete!
[Clayton] Hello
[Pete] Bonjour, Melissa!
[Jan] bonjour melissa!
[Clayton] Hello Noemi
[noemi] Hi
[barbara-on-air] if anyone has questions..comments..please type them here...
[noemi] Is there a fixed syllabus?
[Jan] Yes, each course has its own syllabus
[melissa] how are you able to find enough language partners for all the languages each semseter? i always wonder about that.
[Clayton] ancient chinese secrete
[erin-on-air] :)
[melissa] ah sooooo
[noemi] Is there a standard syllabus or can be individuakized for specific pourposes?
[Clayton] in all seriousness we spend a lot of time trying to find, train and retain our language partners
[Clayton] we have a standard timeline across the languages and then each language gets fleshed out as necessary
[Jan] There are baseline syllabi at the beginning and intermediate levels
[Jan] ...and the advanced courses are much more constructivist.
[Clayton] so there is a continuity to all the language we teach
[noemi] thanks :-)
[Clayton] your welcome
[Pete] I call the approach "constructivist-connectivist"!
[erin-on-air] hi buth!
[buthaina] Hi Erin
[barbara-on-air] yeh! Welcome Buthaina!
[erin-on-air] thanks for joining.
[Clayton] hello buth
[buthaina] my pleasure.
[buthaina] Hi Clayton :)
[buthaina] Thanks, Barbara
[erin-on-air] this is the article barbara is referring to: http://www.nvtc.gov/lotw/months/november/learningExpectations.html
[buthaina] thanks, Erin
[melissa] Jan, Clayton, and Pete are all extremely creative, impassioned language people, and their passion is contagious!
[Clayton] and melissa is now infected
[Pete] Harmony in Japanese culture: http://www.nikkaconsulting.com/westMeetsEast3.html
[Clayton] Thanks Melissa :D
[Pete] As is Melissa herself!
[barbara-on-air] Can we put a link to the blogs in the chatroom...or are they closed?
[Clayton] UT Arlington eCommunities
[Clayton] http://distance.uta.edu/weblog/
[Clayton] this is the link, but I don't know if there is a guest login?
[Jan] maybe Pete will look at this in a minute
[Clayton] on the site the two classes that are Drakes are the RIA001 and RIA002
[Pete] No guest login at the moment, but should be more visible next year!
[erin-on-air] serendipity software: http://www.s9y.org/
[Pete] I will sent a PowerPoint on the Russian class to Barbara and Erin for posting--originally presented in March at SOCALL.
[erin-on-air] excellent. you can send it along to languagelabunleashed@gmail.com...
[erin-on-air] so constructivist = student-centered?
[Jan] constructivism is definitely learner-centered
[barbara-on-air] pete's audio is dipping in and out... just be patient...
[Pete] http://www.connectivism.ca/blog/55
[erin-on-air] but what happens when you stop teaching from a textbook?
[Pete] First thing that happens is that their interest level goes way up!
[erin-on-air] and then?
[Clayton] We are setting the students up to be life long learners of language
[Clayton] so we hope they will take the strategies we teach them and continue beyond the text book
[Pete] We do our best to integrate what their expectations are (grammar, lexis, etc.) into these newer activities.
[barbara-on-air] How are faculty from other disciplines reponding to this? Are they thinking of adopting similar sttrategies for ther discipline?
[melissa] The students do work hard. Progress between midterm and final interviews is generally impressive, in my opinion.
[erin-on-air] do you use the same (type of) textbooks in dulap as in more traditional language programs?
[barbara-on-air] is it sustainable?
[Clayton] We use the exact same text books as in most traditional classrooms
[Jan] other faculty are not necessarily aware of what we are doing
[Clayton] sustainable how?
[Jan] the textbook is only one of several tools
[barbara-on-air] Everyone needs to read this book to understand how and why this really des work:
[barbara-on-air] Steve Johnson's "Emergence"
[barbara-on-air] Stephen
[noemi] Could you write the reference? Thanks
[erin-on-air] Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software
[erin-on-air] Steven Johnson
[Jan] Maryellen Weimer, Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to Practice is a key book
[Jan] Bonnie Stone Sunstein and Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater, FieldWorking: Reading and Writing Research
[Jan] These two books have been key to develop my thinking.
[erin-on-air] The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdow Shapes Business, Economies, Societies, [erin-on-air] and Nations (James Surowiecki)
[Pete] Mary Rose O'Reilly, The Garden at Night
[erin-on-air] well, there went the rest of my copious free time. :)
[Pete] Barbara lets you sleep??
[erin-on-air] i like to pretend like i sleep.
[Pete] And she pretends to pay you to, right?!
[erin-on-air] lol
[Pete] Barbara, just lost your connection!!
[Clayton] I lost everyone
[Jan] hellp!
[Pete] Mid sentence!!
[erin-on-air] hold on...skype dropped the call...
[barbara-on-air] I think this may be a sign that we need to end soonish.
[Clayton] but we were just getting wormed up
[barbara-on-air] wormed?
[Pete] I told you silence wasn't a forte!!
[barbara-on-air] hold on,,,
[Pete] I may also be on tucking-daughter-into-bed duty here in a few minutes...
[Clayton] warmed
[barbara-on-air] :-)
[barbara-on-air] final wrap up comments coming up... I need to tuck "myself" into bed soon too
[barbara-on-air] Welcome back Jan
[Jan] thanks
[Pete] Got Jan back, hurrah!
[erin-on-air] correct use of y'all! hoo-ray!
[erin-on-air] audio will be up sometime tomorrow afternoon.
[erin-on-air] or evening-ish. you're welcome!
[barbara-on-air] evening-ish... beware of the burnout
[barbara-on-air] Thank you all!
[Pete] Good evening, y'all!
[erin-on-air] you too!
[melissa] thank y'all!
[Jan] Bye and thanks again!
[barbara-on-air] eek another texan!
[Pete] Also, forgot to mention: a full moon shining on Texas tonight--any symbolism...full moon, and we all are gathering?!
[Jan] for shore!
[erin-on-air] heh heh
[Pete] Talk to you all soon!